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We are a Family Owned Business that have been helping people in the Birmingham area since 2008 by purchasing their properties.

Many times people are faced with difficult situations and challenging properties. We have the unique ability to truly get to know you and really gain an understanding of what you’re faced with and most often can provide you with a solution and a way we can help you by purchasing your property.

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Brett from BRL Properties LLC


I started BRL Properties from my passion for real estate and for helping people.

Through the years we have purchased many properties, but more importantly have been able to help numerous people with a variety of situations.

We try to really understand what a seller is faced with and then develop the best way we can help through the purchase of their property.

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Here is what our clients have to say

BRL helped this homeowner by purchasing her rental property that had been left with a vast amount of damage from the tenant. Rather than having to face high costs of repairing the house, Mrs. Phillips was elated to find that BRL would take the house off of her hands, and she was free to move on without stress and anxiety.

BRL specializes in solving problems for homeowners.

Mr. Trammell lived in his house for years. He moved out of the home to a new area about an hour away. It didn’t make sense for him to keep his home because it needed some work and he had to still keep up on maintaining the yard. He met with Brett and David and worked out a deal for that worked for him. BRL purchased the property and Mr. Trammell was very happy with the result.

Here is a happy customer discussing her experience working with Brett Burnett and BRL properties.

Mr. Alexander had lost his father, and he and his siblings were faced with the task of dealing with the property. He and his family needed to sell the home to help with the finances.

He met with Brett and together they came up with a strategy to clean up the home and put it on the market. BRL came in and cleaned and dressed up the home and had it on the market in a couple of weeks.

Mr. Alexander was kept in constant contact throughout the entire process up until closing.

He felt it was a blessing to meet Brett and have his company come in and take care of all of the stressful things.

The Faulkners really needed to move closer to their family, however the house they where living in needed several repairs and they would have to spend thousands of dollars to be able to get it ready to be listed.

They were in a bind. They gave us a call, we talked with them, found out exactly what they were faced with and then found a quick solution.

We got them the cash they needed and they were able to move closer to family and all this happened in a matter of a few days.

Ms. Casey wanted to move because of work but she was very concerned and stressed about finding the time to get the house cleaned out and ready to sell.

We stepped in and told her, (just like we do everyone), “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything! You don’t have to worry about repairs or cleanup, in fact, just take what you want and leave the rest. We’ll take care of it. We want to make this as easy as possible for you.”

She was relieved and ecstatic!

Mr. Seals approached us because he had a difficult situation to handle. His elderly parents had been living in their own home but now it was necessary for him to move them into an assisted living facility. In order to help pay for their care, he needed to sell their home.

He called us to help him out and were able to quickly get the house closed. Mr. Seals received the funds from the sale and was able to give his parents the care they needed.

Mrs. Rinks was faced with the decision on what to do with the house she inherited from her mother. The house was full of items that her mother had accumulated over the years. Mrs. Rinks knew that if she wanted to rent it out or sell it, she would have to clean out the house, and make the necessary repairs and updates. She called us!

We were immediately able to alleviate her stress by agreeing to purchase the house from her for a fair price. We told her to simply take what she wanted, and the leave the rest. We would take care of everything. She was very relieved and excited that we could make this all happen. We closed within a few weeks and she was able to walk away with peace of mind.